Your Roof’s Purpose

If you’re wondering why you need a roof or you’re looking to renovate your roof and you think to yourself, do I really need this, then this article will provide you the main purposes as to why you have a roof. 

 There are actually only 2 main purposes when it comes to your roofing and that is insulation and drainage. Let’s give a more detailed discussion as to why those are the 2 main purposes of your roof. 

Insulation is one of the basic functions of the roof. Since we already know that the main purpose of the roof is to provide protection to you and your possessions from the elements that may affect or harm you, another one of its functions are insulation. Keeping the house warm and the retention of heat when its winter and keeping the house cool and not absorbing too much heat when it’s sunny. 

There are a lot of types when it comes to roofing insulators and the most commonly used for roofing insulation is felt and/or plastic sheets. There are some of these with reflective surfaces and are sometimes installed directly on the material for roofing. There needs to be proper ventilation when it comes to roofing and if there isn’t then you can experience weather related problems like ice formation and over time these conditions will rot the shingles on your roofing which may cause further damage to the roofing protecting your home and thus not protecting your property.  


Drainage is also one of the purposes as to why we need a roof. Of course, we will need protection when it rains or hail starts to fall from the sky. You will need to have a proper drain system as the roof covers you from these elements. It needs to flow away from the property and in order to do so you will need to have a roof. This will also collect these elements and keep them away from potentially harming you, your property or your other belongings.  

There are a lot of companies that have flat roofs or shed type roofs so that the insulation and drainage are both there at a time and this is actually one of the best choices to go for. There are also options like metal roofing and this can be beneficial if there is heavy rainfall or snowing and it can resist strong winds.  


As mentioned above there are only two purposes when it comes to roofing and that is to insulate the inside of your home and also to drain all potential harmful elements away from you, your property and your belongings. Of course, let us not forget that the basic idea of a roof is to protect us and that is why if you happen to have an idea to install better roofing for your home of you need a flat roof repair for your home then you can call your local contractor for professional roofing services and a proper estimate now.